Top Three Benefits of a Cell Tower Lease Buyout with Towerpoint

When it comes to selling existing cell tower lease agreements, land owners often think that they will be able to deal directly with cell carriers themselves and still receive the highest amount of money possible. However, this is not true, as these companies will always ensure that they benefit the most from deals like these. As a result, it is strongly recommended that land owners approach Towerpoint with regards to their cell phone tower lease buyouts.

1. Pursue Other More Important Interests
Receiving cash lump sums from Towerpoint for cell tower lease buyouts will enable property owners to pursue other interests or business opportunities that may be more important to them. These can be other ventures that may end up being more financially lucrative in the long term or investment opportunities that require large amounts of cash to get involved in. In some cases, property owners may even decide to use their cash to assist charitable causes or organizations that are important to them.

2. Pay Debt
With the cost of living that continues to rise substantially, most people find themselves carrying some form of debt. This can be a result of job losses, illnesses or even major unexpected repairs that they may have needed to carry out on vehicles or homes. In many cases, monthly repayments don’t even begin to make a debt in the principal amounts of debt that are owing, so a cash lump sum is normally very welcome in situations like these. Some land owners have reported that the lump sums they have received have been enough to cover their outstanding bank loans in full.

3. Eliminate the Risk of Early Decommission
Another reason for property owners to consider cell tower lease buyouts is that there is always the chance that cell sites located on their properties could fall prey to being decommissioned before the end of the initial contract terms. This happens either because additional sites are erected in the nearby vicinity or because the technology and equipment used on their sites becomes too outdated to upgrade at a profitable price. When this occurs, cell carriers will not think twice about decommissioning a site, meaning that the property owner will no longer receive monthly rental income from it.

Property owners who would like to find out more about cell tower lease buyouts and how much money they could receive by selling their remaining leases should not hesitate to contact Towerpoint today. When dialing (866) 574-2355, land owners will be put in touch with experienced consultants who will assist them with every step of the lease buyout process at no additional charge and ensure that they receive fair compensation.

Do I Need a Consultant to Sell my Cell Tower Lease?

When it comes to cell tower lease buyouts, many land owners are under the impression that they always have to hire the services of a cell site lease consultant to finalize the transaction. However, this may not always be necessary.

Direct Deals with Cell Carriers

Cell carriers usually have some of the best attorneys and consultants in the business working for them. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that land owners who engage directly with cell service carriers when negotiating cell tower lease buyouts hire the services of a professional and experienced cell site lease consultant. These consultants will not only be willing and able to handle all of the legal aspects pertaining to cell tower lease buyouts; they will also ensure that the land owner receives fair and just compensation for the deal. The consultant will also deal with all of the negotiations, which will help reduce stress and hassle for the property owner as well.

Dealing with Tower Management Consultants

In most cases, cell tower lease buyouts that are processed by tower management companies are relatively simple and straightforward, meaning that property owners can normally deal with them directly. Tower management companies are able to handle the negotiation processes with the cell carriers far easier than what land owners are because they have employed some of the best consultants and attorneys around. Although tower management companies may sometimes charge a small fee for their services, this is money that will be well spent by land owners when it comes to finalizing cell tower lease buyouts.

When managed by reputable tower management companies, cell tower lease buyouts are handled quickly, easily and professionally. This allows land owners to rest assured in knowing that they will receive the best deal possible when dealing with them.

Top Three Reasons To Sell Your Cell Site Lease ASAP

What Wireless Carriers Look for When Checking out Cell Tower Locations

There’s no denying how landline technology has fallen behind cellphone technology. Still, according to Eric A. Taub of the New York Times, mobile subscribers often experience problems with their cell phones, including dropped calls and poor voice quality. Taub further writes that to combat such problems, subscribers can consider building their own cell towers, which resembles a regular wifi router.

Yet the burden of improving cell phone signals should not fall on subscribers but on telecommunications carriers themselves. For this reason, wireless carriers must do all they can to secure ideal cell tower locations and thereby provide subscribers with smooth and uninterrupted network coverage.

Cell Tower Lease Law Basics: Towers Can’t Be Banned but Can Be Changed

Investors looking to get a good cell tower lease on a particular property must learn about zoning regulations in the area. Although local ordinances vary, most communities prohibit the construction of cell towers close to residential communities and public areas. Instead, telecommunication companies are encouraged to erect their towers close to industrial and commercial areas. Most local laws also prohibit building new towers if structures like water towers and rooftops can integrate telecommunications equipment, which can be an advantage for some companies because new construction is often costly.

You can consult investors like TowerPoint Capital to learn more about cell site infrastructure as well as what a smooth cell tower lease buyout entails.

Residents, Landowners Join the Great AT&T Sale of Cell Tower Leases

John Pestle, a telecommunications lawyer based in Grand Rapids, MI who handles the sale of cell phone tower leases, explains three major factors that must be considered when setting up a cell tower on any property. First, the site acquisitions company representing the wireless service provider determines the strategic importance of the land for a cell tower. Towers near major infrastructures such as freeways can be more valuable for telecommunication companies.

Second, the company reviews all of their cell site candidates as there may be other more attractive locations for cell sites elsewhere. Third, cellular tower investors like TowerPoint Capital may be able to review the cell site and determine whether the location is viable for a new tower lease. The latter option is more attractive because it entails less cost for the company.